The Royal Commission for AlUla appoints Seera Group as DMC partner for ‘Winter at Tantora’

The Royal Commission for AlUla announced that Seera Group, the region’s leading provider of travel and tourism services, has been appointed as the key Destination Management Company (DMC) for the second season of ‘Winter at Tantora’, a timeless festival in AlUla, a cultural and historical destination that is home to Saudia Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site.

Set in the natural beauty of AlUla, last year’s inaugural Winter at Tantora was a success, welcoming high-profile guests from around the world and hosting 37,000 visitors from 72 countries. The second edition of the festival will be held from December 19, 2019, to March 7, 2020, offering additional weekends for visitors to enjoy cultural programming, equine events and celebrity performances by some of the world’s greatest musicians.

Seera Group will highlight the destination through its dedicated campaign to promote Winter at Tantora, which is expected to welcome over 40,000 people through the weekend programmes. The Royal Commission for AlUla aims to attract two million visitors to AlUla by 2035.

Amr AlMadani, Chief Executive Officer at the Royal Commission for AlUla, said, “This partnership will provide an opportunity for us to share AlUla’s spectacular treasures, including Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO heritage site, Hegra, with guests from around the world.”

Abdullah Aldawood, CEO of Seera Group, said, “Choosing us as a DMC for the event underlines our competencies in offering tailored solutions for international and Saudi-based visitors – covering all aspects of their journey. In addition to working with our global offices and affiliates, we will promote Winter at Tantora through our outlets at all key airports in the Kingdom.”