Second webinar by Spain tourism on June 10 to focus on Andalusia

After a successful first webinar session about Madrid and Barcelona – the popular areas of Spain, the second session to be held on June 10, 2020 will consist of another region which is quite closer to the travellers of the GCC as it has the history and culture which bonds them to the destination. Daniel Rosado Bayon, Tourism Counsellor, stated, “We want to provide an opportunity to all those interested in learning more about the varied destinations within Spain, some are more known than others and this tri-series will ensure that everyone obtains the knowledge about the sights, food, shopping, cultural, historical and art focused areas within the varied cities in Spain. In this second session our focus will be on Andalusia or Andalucia in Spanish. The region is also world famous for bullfighting, great climate, flamenco, gastronomy like tapas, fiestas, beaches and the varied diverse geography. So join us once again and learn about a rich destination that has the most interesting offerings for all ages.”

Al Andalus was the name given by the Muslims during the Middle Ages to the Iberian peninsula. Nowadays Andalucia is the southern region of Spain, which offers a great variety of landscapes, from the mountain range of Sierra Nevada to the coastal towns in the Mediterranean sea. Andalucía is famous for its stunning beaches, fabulous monuments such as the Cordoba Mosque or the Alhambra Palace, the flamenco, it´s gastronomy and their zest for life. Other regions such as Valencia will also be covered in this journey through the wonders of Spain.