Wego reveals top destinations for travelers from Saudi, India, Kuwait and Egypt for 2023

Wego reveals the trending international and domestic destinations for travelers from key countries in the region. As more avid globetrotters are taking to the skies this year and travelers from Saudi are no exception. Wego data found that Cairo, Istanbul, Dubai, Jakarta, and Lahore take the lead as the most popular international destinations from Saudi Arabia in 2023 so far. On the domestic front, Saudi travelers are rediscovering the beauty of their own country. Jeddah leads the way, followed by Riyadh, Dammam, Abha, and Medina.

These international and domestic destinations offer a wealth of experiences for Saudi travelers. Whether exploring the treasures of Cairo or enjoying the coastal beauty of Jeddah, each destination has its unique charm.

Wego remains committed to helping Saudi travelers discover their dream destinations, providing a seamless booking experience for flights and accommodations. With thousands of flight routes available, the possibilities are boundless for those eager to explore the world in 2023 and beyond.

Airplanes leaving and returning to Kuwait once again adorn the nation’s sky as Kuwait travelers are eager to explore the world. Where are most of them travelling to this year? Wego has the answer as our data will reveal the most popular international destinations from Kuwait in 2023 so far.

Topping the list of international destinations for Kuwait travelers is Cairo, immediately followed by Istanbul, Amman, Chennai, and Jeddah. All of these destinations offer a blend of modern and historical charms that appeal to Kuwaiti travelers.

Wego remains committed to be the go-to travel site and app for Kuwait travelers, as well as the primary source of trip information ensuring that every journey is as memorable as the previous ones.

Global travel has made a strong comeback from the pandemic and there is a discernible increase in the number of travelers returning to the skies, not least from India. Wego is delighted to share an extensive analysis of India’s top flight destinations for both international and domestic travel in 2023 so far.

According to Wego’s data on the preferred international destinations for Indian travelers in 2023, Dubai and Kuwait top the list, offering accessibility and diverse attractions. Finally, Riyadh, Doha, and Muscat round out the list.

On the domestic front, New Delhi emerges as the top choice for Indian tourists, while Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, and Kolkata all feature as the favorite domestic getaways and destinations.

In the current travel environment, Wego continues to position itself as the go-to site for affordable flights and hotels in and out of India, as well as the primary source of trip information ensuring that every journey is optimized.

Top Domestic and International Destinations from Egypt

As travel picks up once again around the world. Wego is delighted to provide a detailed report on Egypt’s top flight destinations for domestic and international travel in 2023.

According to Wego’s 2023 data so far, Kuwait and Jeddah are highly favored by Egyptian travelers as top international destinations due to convenient accessibility and wide range of attractions. Following these two cities are Dubai, Doha, and Muscat.

On the domestic front, Cairo takes the lead as the most popular choice even for local tourists. Along with Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Aswan, and Luxor also captivate Egyptian travelers with their unique characteristics.

During the ongoing changes within the travel industry, Wego’s core mission is to assist Egyptian travelers in uncovering their preferred destinations, offering a streamlined booking process for flights and accommodations to ensure an exceptional travel experience. With a wide range of flight options at their disposal, those with a passion for global exploration will find countless opportunities in 2023.