Turespaña, the Spain tourism office for the GCC unveils 2023 figures 56% compared to 2019

It was revealed that Spain recorded 56% increase of GCC travellers in 2023 compared to 2019 with a 33% increase compared to 2022. Saudi Arabia can be presented as the prime example of this growth, with more than 100% increase 19-23 and with a 92% increase in 23-22, the total number of Saudi tourists has surged up to 182 thousand, surpassing UAE as the main GCC market for Spain, and consolidating its status and the country’s vision for 2030. United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait follow after with this trend.

The total number of GCC residents visiting Spain in 2023 reached 434 thousand, with an average stay of 8.6 days and a notable increase in expenditure. Factors such as good weather, family-friendly environments, and cultural resonance including the great arab legacy attract GCC travelers to Spain.

Looking ahead to 2024, Spain aims to further consolidate its position as a top destination for Middle Eastern travelers through marketing campaigns, strategic alliances and multiple events.

In line with this, Spain Tourism recently concluded a successful roadshow across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE, showcasing various regions and offerings of Spain to travel trade partners. The event facilitated networking and collaboration opportunities, emphasizing Spain’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for Middle Eastern travelers.

Commenting on the success of the roadshow,Daniel Rosado, Director/Tourism Counsellor at Spain Tourism, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted with the positive response and engagement we received during our roadshow in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE. These regions hold immense potential for Spanish tourism, and our collaboration with travel trade partners has strengthened our commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for Middle Eastern travelers.”

The roadshow aligns with Spain Tourism’s broader strategy to foster international partnerships, expand its reach, and enhance the global visibility of Spain as a premier travel destination. The collaboration between Spanish partners and travel trade professionals from the Middle East marks a significant step forward in promoting cross-cultural exchanges and fostering mutual growth within the tourism industry.

Additionally, Spain Tourism organized this February 10th its first Polo tournament, bringing together travel trade professionals and polo enthusiasts in a relaxed networking environment. The event highlighted the elegance and premium aspects of Spanish culture, including equestrian activities, sports and experiences contributing to the promotion of Spain as a diverse and attractive destination.