Triple Glory for Tawfeeq Travel and Holidays at the Arabian Travel Awards

Tawfeeq Travel, Holidays and Ezytrip Qatar achieved triple crowning glory as ‘Fastest Growing DMC – Qatar,’ ‘Best TMC Qatar’ and ‘Fastest Growing B2B Online Travel Portal Qatar.’ at the sixth edition of Arabian Travel Awards. Rehan Ali – CEO – Tawfeeq Holidays shared, “The event was very well planned and organised. The overall setup was very lively and gave a good opportunity to network and connect with industry leaders across the region. These awards encourage business to continuously improvise and innovate. Travel awards can help acknowledge and promote businesses and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the travel and tourism sector. This recognition can lead to increased visibility and credibility within the industry and among travellers. Winning an Arabian Travel Award is a thrilling achievement, signifying recognition for excellence in the travel industry and a sense of pride and accomplishment. This award works as a powerful motivator to excel in 2024 and maintain or surpass the award categories. This will help us to drive and provide better travel experiences to our travellers.”