The Ministry of Tourism warns against dealing with fraudulent websites impersonating the Tourism Ecosystem in advertising fake job opportunities

The Ministry of Tourism has cautioned against responding to any website or email that impersonates the Ministry or the tourism ecosystem in advertising “fake” job opportunities. The Ministry denies any affiliation with these deceptive advertisements and reiterates that its official website and social media platforms serve as the sole authorized channels for legitimate job postings. The Ministry’s statement has confirmed reports of several malicious platforms falsely claiming to offer employment opportunities within the Saudi Tourism Ecosystem. These platforms exploit the Ministry’s reputable name and recognizable logo to illicitly obtain personal and banking information through suspicious messages. These messages often falsely claim to collect financial fees for medical examinations or request access to electronic links for additional information or form submissions. Applicants are urged to exclusively use the Ministry’s official websites and platforms to ensure they receive accurate and reliable information about advertised jobs, as well as to safeguard the confidentiality of their provided personal information. The Ministry of Tourism encourages individuals to immediately report any suspicious website claiming to represent it or disseminate unreliable job opportunities to the relevant authorities or communicate through official channels on social media. The statement emphasizes the paramount importance of individuals protecting themselves from fraudulent methods in all forms, underscoring the significance of safeguarding the security of banking and personal information by refraining from responding to messages from parties impersonating the Ministry’s name. Additionally, it stresses the necessity of verifying the source of incoming spam messages before clicking on any links to safeguard personal data and mitigate the risk of falling victim to fraud.