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Race to Switzerland attracts 80 plus leading agents in the UAE

Kicking off the year ensuring the agents keep Switzerland at the top of their mind, as they recorded a surplus of tourists from the region last year, Switzerland Tourism Board in the GCC conducted its Race to Switzerland where 80 of the leading travel trade agents learn and specialise about the latest offerings and new destinations in Switzerland for a period of 24 hours. The event kicked off this year in Abu Dhabi’s Yas island, Matthias Albrecht Director Switzerland Tourism GCC shared the importance of the event to learn about the many new areas, attractions, hotels and the Swisstainable approach that they have been promoting with their efficient Swiss travel system. Last year Switzerland recorded a surplus of visitors from the GCC and this is yet another important initiative to ensure that the GCC will continue to explore the many new offerings in the destination. Speaking with TravelTV Matthias Albrecht Director Switzerland Tourism GCC reiterated, “It’s a fantastic event and we are very happy to be back as it’s the Race to Switzerland. It’s where the best travel agents from the UAE compete with each other in groups and they are somehow in a virtual trip through Switzerland and this year on the grand train tour of Switzerland where they visit different destinations, and then they participate in games and quizzes and get some points and at the end of their journey through Switzerland they have the chance to win a trip to Switzerland. We have 19 partners from Switzerland and Swiss International Airlines, they all have different break out sessions and they brought together some wonderful games, it’s a corporation between not just the Swiss partners but also the …

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