Saudi Arabia introduces e-visa for cruise passengers

It was announced that there is a new Saudi Arabia eVisa for cruise passengers. The e-maritime visa is for travelers joining a cruise in Saudi Arabia or arriving at one of its ports onboard a cruise ship.

The new eVisa is specifically for cruise tourists. The visa is for passengers: Flying into Saudi Arabia to join a cruise ship, Arriving at a Saudi Arabian port by cruise ship, The new visa has been introduced to facilitate visa processes for cruise passengers. It is now easier for foreigners to fly into the country to join a cruise ship, or visit the country as part of their cruise itinerary.

The Saudi Arabia e-maritime visa is a type of transit visa. It cannot be used for extended stays in the country. For longer vacations, foreigners should apply for a tourist eVisa for Saudi Arabia. The tourist visa for Saudi Arabia is for multiple entries of up to 90 days each. The Saudi Arabia tourist eVisa application is also online. Travelers complete the form electronically and receive the approved visa by email.

To get an e-maritime visa for Saudi Arabia, applicants must already have purchased a cruise ticket. This visa is only available to people who can prove they will take a cruise to or from Saudi Arabia. They will also require a valid passport. All cruise eVisa applications must be made through the online system. The information provided by applicants is checked in cooperation with the Saudi Cruise Company. To apply for the Saudi Arabia cruise eVisa, eligible travelers must complete the online form, pay the visa fees, and submit the request. Applicants need to provide basic personal and passport details, and information about the cruise.

Red Sea cruises set sail from the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Foreigners wishing to join a cruise departing Jeddah can fly to King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) with an e-maritime visa. Tourists on Saudi Arabia cruises can visit other port towns and cities, including Yanbu and Damman. The new eVisa has benefits for cruise tourists and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For tourists, it will be easier to get the relevant visa for their Saudi Arabia cruise. The online visa application process for cruise passengers takes just a few minutes and the visa is delivered by email. For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the e-maritime visa will help boost visitor numbers. It is hoped that quick and convenient visa applications will attract more cruise tourists to Saudi Arabia in the coming years. The visa has been created as part of the government’s ongoing plans to diversify the economy, with more emphasis on the tourism sector. The government plans to invest $200 million and welcome 100 million tourists by 2030. Saudi Arabia opened to foreign tourists in 2019, when it launched the tourist eVisa. This new nautical eVisa is another next step in the process.