NEOM beach games returns to host international athletes from around the globe

Second edition of NEOM Beach Games will host over 800 athletes and staff members from around the world for five international sports events, commencing on October 21, 2023. NEOM Beach Games will host Super League Triathlon NEOM, NEOM Beach Soccer Cup, NEOM FIBA 3×3 Challenger 2023, NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, and NEOM IFSC Masters.

The Games will commence with the Grand Finale of short course Super League Triathlon NEOM on October 21, closely followed by a NEOM Beach Soccer Cup competition. Following that, will be a three-day international NEOM FIBA 3×3 Challenger basketball competition.

The renowned NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia desert mountain bike race will return to the region for the second time on November 14, featuring 230 male and female riders for a four-stage event, covering 80-120 kilometers per stage. The Games will culminate with the introduction of an international sport climbing event, NEOM IFSC Masters, featuring world champions and Olympians from November 22-24.

Jan Paterson, Managing Director of Sport at NEOM, added: “We are excited once again to be hosting the NEOM Beach Games, and it is a privilege to work with national federations and international rights-holders as we aspire to be a natural home for global sports events. The inclusion of the International Federation of Sport Climbing in this year’s games is exciting, aligning with our goals to build a high-performance culture and inspire the next generations of athletes across the Kingdom.”

This year’s event will see the introduction of the NEOM Beach Games Volunteers Program, with 50 volunteers from the NEOM community helping to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for all spectators and athletes. The program is open to those aged 18 years and over.