Mohamed Jassim Al Rais enters the Gallery of Legends

Mohamed Jassim Al Rais is a young dynamic Emirati, who completed his graduation from American University, Sharjah in 2006. His initial introduction to the Al Rais Group of Companies was made in 2002 through a Management Development Programme and thereafter in 2008 was given a Leadership role in Al Rais Holidays, Al Rais Online Services and Al Rais Rent – A – Car Company. Mr. Al Rais is now the Deputy Managing Director of Al Rais Travel & Shipping agencies (Al Rais Group) and spearheads the Strategic Direction and Growth Plan of the Organisation. Mr. Al Rais has been managing the travel group business for the past fifteen years. His aspirations are truly global and he is committed to making the Al Rais Group of Companies a market leader in the UAE. Mr. Al Rais is the Honorary Chairman of the Dubai Travel & Tour Agents Group – DTTAG since February 2022. Mr. Al Rais is also actively involved in Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM).