Kuwait and Jeddah are top destinations favoured by Egyptians : Wego

As travel picks up once again around the world. Wego provides a detailed report on Egypt’s top flight destinations for domestic and international travel in 2023. According to Wego’s 2023 data so far, Kuwait and Jeddah are highly favored by Egyptian travelers as top international destinations due to convenient accessibility and wide range of attractions. Following these two cities are Dubai, Doha, and Muscat. On the domestic front, Cairo takes the lead as the most popular choice even for local tourists. Along with Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Aswan, and Luxor also captivate Egyptian travelers with their unique characteristics. During the ongoing changes within the travel industry, Wego’s core mission is to assist Egyptian travelers in uncovering their preferred destinations, offering a streamlined booking process for flights and accommodations to ensure an exceptional travel experience. With a wide range of flight options at their disposal, those with a passion for global exploration will find countless opportunities in 2023.