Kuwait Airways to begin flights to Greece; Athens and Mykonos among the summer destinations

As part of Kuwait Airways’ continuous endeavours to expand its network and in preparation for the upcoming summer season of 2023, the company announced the operation of its scheduled commercial flights to the Republic of Greece with two flights per week, consisting of one to Athens and the other to Mykonos from 14 June 2023. Kuwait Airways customers can make their reservations to Greece from 18 January 2023.

Kuwait Airways Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Maen Razouqi stated, “Kuwait Airways is pleased to announce the launch of its scheduled commercial flights to the Republic of Greece, specifically to the destinations of Athens and Mykonos, in preparation for the 2023 summer season. These two destinations are among the important destinations for our valued customers based on their choice and because of its touristic attractions, diverse ancient heritage, as well as historical and cultural sites.”

Razouqi pointed out, “Selecting the destinations of Athens and Mykonos coincides with the plans established by Kuwait Airways under the directives of the Board of Directors to expand its network of routes around the world to new and sought-after markets that meet the requirements of its valued customers. These two destinations were selected after systematic research of their feasibility, profitability, and their impact, in addition to the popularity of these routes.”

Razouqi indicated that Kuwait Airways has a young fleet of diverse types of aircraft with the latest technology and features. Moreover, the Airbus A320neo aircraft with its advanced characteristics has been designated for passengers travelling to and from Athens and Mykonos, so that customers enjoy a comfortable journey.

He added that Kuwait Airways was steadily progressing towards digital transformation and reaching beyond excellence. Moreover, he explained that customers could make their reservations through different channels, starting with the Kuwait Airways website and application. In addition, customers can receive assistance or make enquiries through KAC’s WhatsApp on 22200171 or by contacting the Call Center on 171. Customers can also visit the Company’s offices at the Avenues Mall, the 360 Mall, the Ministries Complex, the Farwaniya Office and Terminal 4, which provide numerous services, including reservations, amending, upgrading, and ticket cancelations, as well as assistance with all enquiries, complaints, and comments from customers.

Razouqi explained that Kuwait Airways is relentlessly stiving to provide its passengers with diverse options to meet their travel requirements with the launch of new and diverse destinations. This is in addition to offering them with all means of comfort during their travel onboard, starting from providing reservations for customers through all available channels and providing them with appropriate services from the check-in at Terminal 4, completing their travel procedures with ease and enjoying the Company’s services on board its diverse fleet of aircraft.

Coinciding with the announcement of KAC’s operation of its scheduled commercial flights to the Republic of Greece, the Ambassador of Greece to the State of Kuwait, H.E. Konstantinos Piperigos stated, “The launch of Athens and Mykonos as destinations is an important part of the joint cooperation between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Greece. He added that Kuwait Airways’ announcement of operating to the destinations of Athens and Mykonos is a result of the extent of relations between the Republic of Greece and the friendly State of Kuwait and their convergence of views, in the public interest of both parties. The launch of these two destinations will make it convenient for passengers to travel to and from Greece, as well as provide them with a good opportunity to understand the history of Greece with its diverse culture, in addition to enjoying holidays and recreational programs.”

In addition, Kuwait Airways Board Member, Mr. Adel Al-Sanea stated, “We are pleased to announce the operation of our scheduled commercial flights to the city of Athens and the relaunch of flights to the city of Mykonos, in preparation of the summer season of 2023. This comes within the strategic objectives of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management and their initiatives towards the expansion of the Blue Bird’s network, linking the countries of the world. On this occasion, I would like to commend the extensive efforts of the Executive Management in reviewing the requirements of our valued customers and working to implement them, which has contributed greatly to increasing the market share of Kuwait Airways in the local, regional, and global markets. Moreover, the Republic of Greece has also achieved highest reservations during 2022, due to its distinction as an excellent destination for tourism throughout the year due to its historical and cultural significance and its favourable climate.”