Kuwait Airways ready to increase operations

Kuwait Airways: Full Readiness to Increase Operations 1

As part of Kuwait Airways’ preparations for full operation of Terminal 4 (T4) and resuming to full capacity, Kuwait Airways Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Maen Razouqi, accompanied by the Chief Operations Officer, Captain Eisa Al-Haddad and Operational Department Directors of the Company toured the Terminal 4 (T4) and inspected the latest developments and preparations of the Company’s operational sectors, and following the recent decision of the Council of Ministers to commission the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to implement the third phase of Kuwait International Airport’s operating plan and full operation of the Airport from November 2021. During the visit, Razouqi observed the progress of the working mechanism at different sectors of Terminal 4 (T4), the most important of which is the itinerary of passengers and the services provided to them from their arrival at the terminal, completing their travel procedures at the baggage weighing area until reaching the departure gate. The tour also included inspecting the security measures implemented for passengers and their baggage, in addition to other measures.

On the sidelines of the tour, the Chief Executive Officer, Maen Razouqi commended on the progress of work at Terminal 4 (T4) and the procedures undertaken, whether for security or related to completing all travel measures, in addition to the efficiency of services provided to valued customers and the expertise of Kuwait Airways employees in dealing with passengers in order to ensure convenient travel, starting from entering the airport until boarding the aircraft and for enjoying a safe and enjoyable trip, pointing that the Company seeks to provide all services that meet the requirements of dear passengers and extend efforts to overcome all obstacles ahead, in a manner befitting the Blue Bird to attain the Company’s objectives, which is to reach the highest level of excellence in customer service.

Razouqi added, “ We have reviewed all the details in Terminal 4, including an inspection visit to Kuwait Airways’ Bayan and Al Mubarakiya lounges designated for Royal, First Class and Business class and to observe the distinguished services provided to passengers in these lounges and the extent of their satisfaction with Kuwait Airways services that are provided to them. In addition, we have visited the outdoor area of Terminal 4 and inspected the latest mechanisms and for the transportation of passengers and baggage on board the aircraft and to ensure their appropriate operation. Hence, conducting our visit to T4 to see the complete readiness of Kuwait Airways with all its employees in the operational sectors around the airport and the supporting sectors to enter into the third phase of the plan for the full operation of Terminal 4 and resumption of work to its full capacity, as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, which was recently approved by the honorable Council of Ministers.”

Razouqi concluded his statement by extending sincere appreciation and gratitude for the tangible cooperation with colleagues at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Interior, the General Administration of Customs and all establishments functioning at Terminal 4 (T4), while wishing them success in the coming period with the resuming of full Airport operations.