Kuwait Airways launches its summer schedule for 2024, Turkey, Egypt, Spain and Italy top destinations

Kuwait Airways announced the launch of its summer schedule for the 2024 season. They will launch numerous destinations during the summer, namely Antalya with two flights per week, Bodrum with three flights per week, Trabzon with three flights per week, Sharm El-Sheikh, with two flights per week, Malaga with three flights per week, and Nice with two flights per week, thus expanding its operations to 54 destinations during the summer season, in addition to its scheduled flights to permanent destinations. As part of its 2024 summer schedule, Kuwait Airways will focus on destinations that are witnessing a huge demand from customers travelling from within the State of Kuwait and will experience an extensive demand to travel, especially during the summer season, from June to September 2024. They had launched numerous diverse destinations and operated to new markets last year, to meet the requirements and preferences of its valued customers and to provide them with different options, in accordance with its efforts to expand its network of routes around the world.

Moreover, the company has, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, and in close coordination with the operational departments are finalizing preparations for the summer operations, for providing its services and assisting the Blue Bird guests at Terminal 4 with distinguished, and exceptional facilities. This is in addition to the Kuwait Airways fleet being fully prepared to carry the esteemed passengers of the national carrier to various destinations around the world.

Kuwait Airways Chairman, Captain Abdulmohsen Al-Fagaan stated, “Kuwait Airways is pleased to announce the new 2024 summer destinations to its valued customers, in view of the growth of passenger traffic during the summer period. Kuwait Airways has perceived the necessity to increase the frequency of its flights, to operate additional flights to certain destinations, such as London, Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna, and Geneva, and to cater to the increasing demand for these European destinations and to other destinations witnessing extensive demand during the summer, such as Dubai, Riyadh, and Manchester. Furthermore, Kuwait Airways during this season will operate its wide-body aircraft, consisting of the Boeing B777-300, to most of the European destinations, to enable our valued customers to benefit from the amenities of the Royal and Business class seats which are distinguished with the latest comfort features, and to provide additional seating capacity for customers traveling to these destinations.”

Al-Fagaan added, “As part of its endeavor to provide various options to its valued customers, especially during the summer period, Kuwait Airways has signed a bilateral code-share agreement with Aegean Airlines, which includes destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini, and five other destinations. This is in addition to a code-share agreement with Thai Airways, where it will include operations to Phuket city and other required points. Kuwait Airways has also signed an agreement with the German Rails Company, to provide the options of booking at stations such as Frankfurt and Munich through the Kuwait Airways website and electronic application.”

Al-Fagaan said, “The launch of Kuwait Airways’ new destinations comes as part of the company’s strategy, and systematic research of the feasibility of these routes, extent of customer demand, and their benefit to the company, in addition to meeting the growing requirements for new sectors which are important to customers. The company is moving at a steady pace towards diversifying its network of routes around the world and launching new destinations. We strive to meet customers’ preferences by launching new and distinguished services that keep pace with the latest developments of the commercial air transport sector in the world.”

Al-Fagaan pointed out that Kuwait Airways has made a qualitative leap in terms of launching new destinations and services for its valued customers such as the Home Check In service for Royal and First Class passengers, Limousine service for all premium classes, Electronic Boarding Passes, BlueFi inflight connection, in addition to the home baggage delivery service.

Al-Fagaan commended the efforts extended by Kuwait Airways employees and their dedication to develop their national carrier towards greater progress and advancement, in addition to their tireless endeavors to fully assist the company’s customers.

Al-Fagaan concluded his statement and stated that the Board of Directors have extended their efforts to formulate and develop strategies and new concepts for Kuwait Airways as the national carrier of the State of Kuwait. He emphasized that Kuwait Airways is an integral part of the government system with its extensive history as the country’s national carrier and its position in the region. This also confirms the continuation of the national carrier to meet the requirements of the State at all levels, whether by launching commercial flights for passengers or providing cargo services.

Kuwait Airways’ Chief Executive Officer, Captain Ahmad M. Alkreebani stated that the company is well prepared to extend its services to its valued passengers at Terminal 4, and is committed to its efforts to provide distinguished and comfortable services from their entry at Terminal 4, completing their travel procedures with ease, boarding the aircraft, experiencing an enjoyable journey onboard the flights which are equipped with the latest entertainment features, thus making every journey convenient and comfortable.

Alkreebani pointed out that the Ground Handling department at Terminal 4 provides comprehensive facilities to customers at the baggage weighing area, which are catered to assist passengers, reduce congestion, and provide convenient services. He said that there are 12 self-check-in KIOSK devices for passengers without luggage, ranging from 6 devices at the main entrance to the bridge leading to the building and 10 devices at the entrance to the passenger check-in area, indicating that all these procedures provide the passengers with the convenience to facilitate their travel. In addition, Kuwait Airways, through the Special Handling section provides assistance to the elderly, and for people with special needs by allocating special counters for catering to their travel requirements and to enable them to complete their procedures with ease. This is in addition to the company providing an early baggage weigh-in facility for valued passengers to avoid crowding and congestion.

On his part, the Director of Kuwait Airways’ Engineering department, Eng. Abdullah Al-Habib emphasized on the Engineering department’s readiness to follow the summer flight schedules and to conduct regular and periodic maintenance schedule of the aircraft and engines throughout the summer season. He pointed out that Kuwait Airways has coordinated with the companies contracting with it, to ensure that the aircraft spare parts arrive on time to ensure the progress of the maintenance work and that the operational plan is carried out as planned according to the schedule of the flights.

Al-Habib continued by saying, “The Engineering Department, among its priorities places the safety and security of passengers and the aircraft at the forefront. This is in accordance with the security and safety requirements and standards of civil aviation with the regulations governing it. The department is well prepared to meet any technical circumstances, as it carries out the necessary maintenance checks, change spare parts, or prepare the replacement aircraft as quickly as possible to avoid any delays in the flight schedule.”

Al-Habib pointed out that Kuwait Airways pays great attention to the aircraft cabins in terms of entertainment systems, wi-fi connectivity and screens, and is diligently keen to clean the interior of the aircraft which is conducted on a regular basis and with precision.

It is worth noting that Kuwait Airways owns a new and diverse fleet consisting of the latest type of aircraft from the largest aviation companies in the world, namely Boeing and Airbus. The fleet also contains the latest technology and advanced features that keep pace with the best international aviation standards, in addition to being equipped with the latest entertainment programs and seating specifications. The company has the best competencies and talents working in the region from various technical specializations, with experience and efficiency in accordance with the highest technical standards. In addition, Kuwait Airways strives to attain the highest levels of quality by assisting its valued customers and to develop the company’s operational system in line with the latest improvements in the commercial air transport sector.