Kuwait Airways inaugurates a new sales office

As part of its continuous endeavour to provide the best services to its valued customers and to facilitate communication with them, Kuwait Airways has inaugurated its new Sales Office located at the Assima Mall. The office timings for client services are from Sunday to Thursday from 12:30 PM to 7:30 PM, and from 1:30 PM to 8:30 PM during Fridays and Saturdays, where the office is expected to provide services to more than 100 customers a day. The opening of this office will be followed by opening of the company’s Sales Offices in the Al Kout Mall.  The company will also be aiming to open a branch in the Jahra region soon. On the sidelines of the inauguration of the new office, Kuwait Airways organized the Customer Day initiative, which includes an initiative devised to closely identify the requirements of its customers, with the participation of the Executive Management and headed by Kuwait Airways’ Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Maen Razouqi.

This initiative, which was recently organized by the company at the opening of the Sabah Al-Salem branch, mainly aims to provide a tangible and unique experience for decision-makers from the Executive Management, to work side by side with the employees of the company’s various departments, and will include receiving customers at the Assima branch, coinciding with the opening of the Sales Office. This will provide them with valuable experience to closely identify the needs of the largest customer base in Kuwait, follow up on their requests to evaluate their experience and strive towards reaching the best levels of service in accordance with the highest international standards.

Kuwait Airways’ Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Maen Razouqi stated, “Kuwait Airways is pleased to inaugurate its new Sales Office in the Assima Mall, which witnesses many visitors daily. The opening of the new office comes as part of the company’s objectives towards development and expansion in the service of its customers, to facilitate the completion of booking procedures for them with ease. This is in addition to better accessibility and proximity for customers and will mitigate the pressure on the company’s various other Sales Offices throughout the country. The new office’s distinct and easy-to-reach location with its excellent space and ample capacity to receive large number of customers, will provide multiple options in the completion of ticket reservation procedures and other services.”

The Director of Corporate Communication, Public Relations, and Marketing at Kuwait Airways, Mr. Khalid Ahmed Al-Bustan said, “The Sales Office at the Assima Mall will provide numerous services, including issuing, booking, and amending reservations, in addition to requests for booking seats within and outside the State of Kuwait, and receiving enquiries and comments from customers, including Oasis Club members. The office also provides services for the issuance of government tickets, also includes issuing tickets for official authorities, students, and retirees. This is in addition to the possibility of issuing tickets for recipients for treatment abroad, except for patients requiring oxygen and medical beds.”

Al-Bustan continued by saying, “Kuwait Airways is proceeding with its various plans towards reaching the best levels of service excellence and providing all means of comfort to its customers, whether at Terminal 4 or through the various sales channels that contribute towards easy accessibility to its customers. The customers are our priority and providing distinguished and exceptional services to them is key to us.”  ​

Kuwait Airways’ Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Maen Razouqi concluded his statement by emphasizing on Kuwait Airways’ keenness to be in proximity with its customers and understand their requirements, by launching its offices to enhance its presence at important locations in the country, meet the requirements of customers and provide them with the best services through its employees who have technical expertise in interacting with the public.