Indonesia ties air bubble with UAE

Emirates Airline has been taking all necessary protocols to ensure the safety of both passengers and crew over the past year. Today covering a network of 120 destinations Emirates will be looking at increasing the capacity further in the coming months. Adnan Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Airline shared, “For us, the core focus was to put together the right measures before we reintroduced our flights, between March 2020 and May 2020 when we reintroduced the flights we ensured that the right measures were put in place and all requirements of the wellbeing of our staff and passengers were done, by wearing the mask mandatory and PCR test before and even in Dubai on arrival to ensure that the community is also safe when entering Dubai. With the vaccine roll out in the world we expect that things will be much better starting  from summer July and August and gradually enter to the winter with more opening of borders and more people will be able to travel without restrictions.”

Speaking on summer, “for us part of again is to recover some of the points that we don’t have like Bali for example its’ one of the destinations and today Indonesia has signed an air bubble agreement with UAE  so when Bali will commence in say July or August we are quite keen to reintroduce Bali back and we are also looking at reintroducing the capacity to China more capacity into Asia like subcontinent area like Sri Lanka, like India we want to ramp up. We as a company are dynamic and agile to respond to these requirements as we see more countries opening gateways more countries opening by easing protocols to reengage and reintroduce capacity and ramp up quite fast and linking countries as soon as possible.”