IFEMA Madrid boosts its cultural and leisure offer with great flamenco shows to coincide with its main fairs

IFEMA MADRID is launching a new project to increase its commitment to cultural and leisure events in the capital. The latest innovation is Fiesta Flamenca by IFEMA MADRID Live, a selection of prestigious flamenco shows scheduled to coincide with major trade events. The shows will be an ideal opportunity for visitors, exhibitors, and the general public to enhance their stays in Madrid and enjoy a gastronomy featuring high-quality Spanish products. The new project is provided by SO-LA-NA Entertainment, the world’s leading producer of flamenco events, which has been organising international flamenco projects as a cross-cutting area since 2011, supporting international appreciation of Spanish dance, art and culture. The company has succeeded with international projects such as Las Minas Puerto Flamenco, Faro, Summer Flamenco Experience, and the prestigious Flamenco Real cycle, with more than 400 shows at the Teatro Real in Madrid since 2018, and since 2022, it has been working internationally. The producer became a world leader with Authentic Flamenco, with three simultaneous international tours co-produced with the Teatro Real and Fever, taking flamenco to 15 countries in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, with more than 450 performances to great public acclaim.

Fiesta Flamenca will premiere at IFEMA MADRID Live within the framework of Fruit Attraction 2023, a flagship, extremely international fair that will bring together more than 1,800 companies from 47 countries, including the institution’s most important and most international fairs and more than 89,000 trade professionals from all corners of the earth. The show “Origin” will premiere on 3, 4, and 5 October, a show starring one of the world’s best dancers or “bailaores” – Eduardo Guerrero – accompanied by a cast of seven prestigious artists. Guerrero received the Desplante Award at the prestigious Festival Internacional del Cante de Las Minas in 2013 and the Audience Award at the Festival de Jerez in 2017, and headlines the casts of major flamenco productions such as Faro and Las Minas Puerto Flamenco. These will be unique events to which companies participating in Fruit Attraction can invite their customers after each day at the fair.

The show will take place in a specially designed auditorium on the Fashion Week catwalk in Hall 14.1 at the Recinto Ferial, where attendees can also enjoy superb dining options while enjoying the showmanship and artistic quality of the show. Tickets start at 35 euros for seats, and there are tables including dinner from 90 euros per person, all available through the website ifema.es/fiesta-flamenca.

“We aim to offer our customers the most valuable experience possible during their time at IFEMA MADRID. By allying with partners like SO-LA-NA, a prestigious artistic producer, we can offer magnificent shows that promote the art and culture of Spain and continue to position ourselves as a major cultural hub in Madrid,” says Juan Arrizabalaga, General director of IFEMA MADRID.

“SO-LA-NA has always been committed to introducing Flamenco to people sensitive to all artistic expressions, both in Spain and on the five continents. This project, which bears the undisputed mark of quality of IFEMA MADRID, will bring flamenco not only to lovers of this culture but to the Spanish social and business fabric of numerous sectors and to its large number of Spanish and foreign visitors”, says Aurelio Solana, president of SO-LA-NA Entertainment.

The integration of Fiesta Flamenca by IFEMA MADRID into the leisure programme is a continuation of its promotion of a new line of business, hosting large-scale leisure and cultural events and becoming a major venue for this type of event in Madrid. Fiesta Flamenca has been created as a great opportunity to enhance the experience of attending trade fairs at IFEMA MADRID, where companies and professionals can enjoy the true essence and authenticity of flamenco without having to travel. Performances by more artists and new shows will be confirmed for other trade fairs.