GCC travellers have multiple options from Jamaica

The Jamaica Tourist Board has ambitious tourism plans, focused on expanding its reach in the GCC market. Recognizing the growing interest in Caribbean travel among GCC residents, the JTB is actively investing in targeted developing and growing the market to increase visitation figures. Travelers from the GCC can easily reach Jamaica through convenient flight connections via major airlines linking through the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada. This connectivity provides seamless travel options for citizens and residents of the GCC looking to experience the beauty and culture of Jamaica. The residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are renowned as some of the most well-traveled individuals globally, constantly seeking new destinations and experiences fueled by their healthy disposable income. Their adventurous spirit and eagerness to explore make them ideal candidates to appreciate Jamaica’s allure.
Passengers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have several airline choices for flights to its main airports in Montego Bay and Kingston. Emirates, Etihad Airways, British Airways, and Air Canada offer routes with convenient connections. Qatar Airways also provides suitable connections to major US airports such as New York, Miami, and Chicago, offering additional options for travelers from the GCC region. Other GCC countries can access Jamaica via connections through the UAE, enhancing accessibility to the island.
“As part of our strategic vision, the Jamaica Tourist Board is committed to investing in the GCC market and enhancing awareness of Jamaica’s attractions among travelers in this region,” said Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism of Jamaica. “We believe there is immense potential for increased visitation from the GCC.”
“Jamaica is an ideal destination for citizens and residents of the GCC countries seeking a unique and memorable vacation experience. With its blend of pristine beaches, lush mountains, vibrant music scene, and flavorful cuisine, Jamaica offers something for every traveler. The island’s warm climate and welcoming atmosphere make it a perfect year-round destination,” said Director of Tourism, Donovan White.
Recently, the Jamaica Tourist Board showcased its destination at the Arabian Travel Market 2024, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The JTB’s exhibition stand served as a focal point for highlighting Jamaica’s unique attractions, diverse tourism offerings and fostering engagement with industry partners from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.
Over four dynamic days, the Minister of Tourism lead a delegation to discuss plans and partnerships with Destination Management Companies industry professionals, potential travelers, and other attendees while sharing insights into the island’s captivating culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. The event provided a platform to gather an overview of the unique demands and nuances of the market and forge new relationships within the GCC travel community.