Expo Centre Sharjah participates in ICCA Middle East Summit 2023 in Oman

Expo Centre Sharjah has participated in the ICCA Middle East Summit 2023, which took place from August 30-31 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre under the theme “Forging a Collective Path to a Prosperous Future.” During the event, HE Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, Chairman of the Arab Union for Exhibitions, and board member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry engaged in discussions with several CEO attendees, exploring avenues for strengthening strategic cooperation with association members to further the development and sustainability of the sector, initiate collaborative exhibitions and conferences, and broaden the prospects of the industry.

HE Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, Chairman of the Arab Union for Exhibitions, and board member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, represented the centre in the summit to boost regional collaboration in the exhibitions and conferences sector and explore future opportunities and developments that solidify the sector’s contribution to economic expansion.
Al Midfa also introduced a working paper highlighting the significance of the exhibition and conference sector on both regional and global scales. He emphasized its central role in bolstering economies, augmenting commercial activities, and widening the scope of economic and trade collaborations among individuals, businesses, and nations.
He underscored that the global exhibition sector’s valuation, surpassing $151 billion, underscores its relevance to the world economy. Meanwhile, in the Middle East and North Africa, the sector’s worth is projected to escalate from $53.63 billion in 2022 to an impressive $76.67 billion by 2028.
His Excellency shed light on the exceptional development and growth seen in the exhibitions and conferences sector within the GCC countries, with the UAE standing out notably. The UAE ranks among the top nations in the global exhibition industry.
Highlighting the UAE’s leadership role in this domain, he referred to the country’s hosting of prominent global events such as Expo 2020 Dubai. Reinforcing its pivotal position, the UAE is set to host the Conference of the Parties (COP28) from November 30 to December 12 this year.
Al Midfa accentuated Sharjah’s reputation as a premier global hub for staging significant regional and international events, a stature earned through its extensive experience and legacy in the sector.
Furthermore, he said that Expo Centre Sharjah draws over 2.5 million visitors each year from approximately 50 events and exhibitions, adding that the centre’s participation in the summit reaffirms its commitment to stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in the global exhibition and conference industry.
The two-day regional assembly brought together over 120 local and regional experts, as well as specialized institutions in conference and exhibition management. The gathering touched on the role of economic studies and data in shaping future blueprints for conferences and exhibitions. It also emphasized avenues for startups to gain insights from successful ventures and delved into key aspects that draw youth to this industry.