Cebu Pacific introduces new Baggage Policy

Cebu Pacific (CEB) has has implemented a new policy setting a size limit for check-in baggage at 39 inches. Luggage with this dimension will be easier to fit in the conveyor belt, and will in turn, result in smoother operations, making the journey faster and more convenient for all passengers. Guests checking in baggage that exceed the 39-inch limit on any one side will be classified as an oversized bag, and will be charged approximately AED62 (PHP800) for domestic flights, and AED100 (PHP1,300) for international flights. This additional fee is brought about by the manual process required to transport the bag to the baggage loading area. Some examples of oversized baggage are music equipment, motorcycles, and televisions.

CEB reminds everyone to properly pack their bags according to their availed prepaid baggage allowance to avoid any other additional fees at the airport. In addition, CEB offers an early anniversary treat for everyone with its ongoing free 25-kilogram baggage allowance until June 30, 2021, exclusive for travellers from Dubai to Manila. Passengers with a pre-purchased 40-kilogram prepaid baggage will automatically receive extra 25 kilograms on their booking, free-of-charge.

CEB has been rated 7/7 stars by for its COVID-19 compliance, as it continues to implement a multi-layered approach to safety, in accordance with global aviation standards. These include daily extensive cleaning and disinfection protocols for all aircraft and facilities, antigen testing before duty for all frontliners and crew members, and contactless flight procedures. These are all in accordance with global best practises and the highest safety standards, so everyone can travel safely and responsibly. Aircraft are equipped with hospital-grade HEPA air filters, which make inflight transmission of COVID-19 low or virtually non-existent.