Boutique Group to develop historic and cultural Saudi palaces into ultra-luxury hotels

Boutique Group  marks its first independent participation at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) highlighting its commitment to redefining the luxury hospitality experience by transforming some of Saudi Arabia’s most iconic former royal residences, among other cultural and historic landmarks, into ultra-luxury hotels. Boutique Group also announced details of a new Memorandum of Understanding signed with ALTANFEETHI luxury concierge service to cooperatively exchange knowledge and expertise to develop and enhance guest experience at airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Boutique Group’s portfolio includes the stunning Al Hamra Palace in Jeddah, known for hosting some of the world’s most prominent international public figures, the Red Palace in the heart of old Riyadh, which adorned the SAR 100 bank note and served as the home to the Council of Ministers for three decades, and the Aga Khan Award-winning Tuwaiq Palace, an architectural masterpiece inspired by Saudi Arabia’s iconic forts, tents and oasis landscape.
Across its palaces, Boutique Group is dedicated to designing bespoke modern luxury offerings rooted in a strong sense of place, backed by strong partnerships and an authentic representation of Saudi’s vast heritage.
“This year’s ATM theme explores gateways. This is particularly poignant for Boutique Group, because our properties are in essence a gateway to a new model of hospitality, and a more sustainable future. Inspired by Saudi Arabi’s rich heritage and powered by its talent, we are creating a gateway to a more resilient and diversified economy,” said Mark De Cocinis, Chief Executive Officer at Boutique Group.
“We are also delighted to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with luxury concierge provider, ALTANFEETHI, and look forward to exploring more ways to collaborate on this remarkable new model of Saudi hospitality,” he added.
Marco Franck, Chief Hospitality Officer at Boutique Group, took part in a panel discussion titled Next-level Luxury: How to Stand Out as Truly Premium in an Oversaturated Market. During the session, Franck shed light on Boutique Group’s efforts to steep its guests in the culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia, while also maintaining the most opulent standards of luxury service.
Marco Franck said: “It’s always a pleasure to connect with fellow industry leaders, who are passionate about exploring new ways to raise the bar and elevate industry standards. Boutique Group takes great pride in reflecting the sights, smells, sounds and cultures of the regions our properties call home – from our architecture and interiors to our spa and F&B offerings.”
Owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, Boutique Group supports the Ministry of Tourism’s objective of developing and promoting the tourist industry, estimated to grow to $6 trillion of investment opportunities by 2030, as well as the Ministry of Culture’s development of the country’s cultural landscape. With a focus on luxury, authenticity and personalized service, Boutique Group aims to captivate the global travel community and invite discerning travellers to experience the beauty and hospitality of Saudi Arabia.