Al Rais to focus on Latin American markets for outbound summer

Mohamed Al Rais Executive Director Al Rais Travel Group speaking with Travel TV Middle East shared that this year with summer and Eid holidays setting in, Al Rais will be promoting Latin America for the travellers from the UAE. Key outbound destinations booked by travelers from the UAE this summer will reflect a blend of cultural exploration, iconic landmarks, and diverse experiences. Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, and Istanbul consistently rank among favorites, additionally, destinations like Japan and South Korea attract UAE travelers with their unique blend of traditional heritage and modern innovations. Australia and New Zealand emerge as sought-after destinations for UAE travelers seeking outdoor adventures and natural wonders. At this year’s ATM, we’re excited to spotlight the cutting-edge features and capabilities of our travel technology solutions, including booking platforms, mobile apps, analytics tools, and more. By demonstrating how our technology streamlines processes, enhances customer experiences, and fuels business growth, we aim to capture the attention of tech-savvy attendees and decision-makers seeking innovative solutions. In addition, we’ll emphasize the value of our GSA representation services for airlines, highlighting our market expertise, extensive distribution network, sales optimization strategies, and cost efficiencies.