Abdulla Al Abdulla of Central Hotels becomes first Arab leader to join UNICEF NextGen Global Principal representing the Middle East region

Abdulla Al Abdulla, the Group Chief Operating Officer of Central Hotels, one of the fastest-growing hospitality management companies in the UAE, joins UNICEF NextGen, a global committed community of leaders and philanthropists, dedicated to supporting UNICEF and its work for children. The first Emirati entrepreneur and philanthropist to join the team, UNICEF NextGen Global Principals champion UNICEF as a partner to their generation’s leaders, making investing in children a top priority in philanthropy, business and development. The leadership commits their resources, time, networks and skills to help address child rights issues including the climate crisis, mental health, and inequality in digital connectivity and content.

“I am honored to be one of the NextGen Global Principals, representing the Middle East Region. As one of the young leaders in the UAE, I want to amplify my voice to raise awareness of certain humanitarian issues, especially in support of UNICEF’s projects. This includes but is not limited to child protection, education, climate crisis, mental health, and inequality in digital connectivity and content,” said Abdulla.

As members of a fundraising incubator and thought leadership platform, Principals will combine their influence, ideas and expertise to work as a global team to engage and unlock new sources of support for UNICEF. The UNICEF NextGen Global Principals will meet up in In Geneva in December to discuss pressing global issues which align with UNICEF’s projects around the world.

“We are at a pivotal moment in history,” said Casey Rotter, Global Lead for UNICEF Next Generation, “as we look to reimagine a better world for children, we believe that the next generation of leaders and philanthropists will continue to play key roles in helping to shape a better future. The challenges that children face today cannot be overcome by any one organization or individual, creating a better, more sustainable, healthy, and safe world for children requires us all to work together. We are honoured to welcome Abdulla as a Founding member of UNICEF NextGen Global Principals and thank him for his commitment and leadership. Our NextGen leaders give us hope for the future.”