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Sabre to highlight future technology and market trends at ATM

Sabre speakers

Sabre Corporation is sponsoring the Travel Technology Theatre at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM 2019), from April 28 to May 1, 2019. Executive speakers from Sabre and guest customers will participate in the seminar programme and showcase latest technology in the travel and hospitality sector including NDC, emerging technology, retailing and digitalisation and discuss industry challenges and opportunities. Abdul-Razzaq Iyer, Vice President, Sabre Travel Network Middle East will be present at the event seminar and speak about the evolution of the travel industry in the Middle East and how can companies leverage new trends and technology to respond to customers’ expectations. “This is such an exciting time for the travel sector. The industry is evolving, constantly adapting to the increasing expectations of tech-travelers, which are higher and more diverse than ever before,” said Iyer. “The rise of new technologies and trends are creating more opportunities for all players in the travel industry and we are here to support our customers and the market to learn about everything new in travel and how to leverage these opportunities.” Sabre is also highlighting through its seminar programme the evolution of travel distribution and how NDC is changing the landscape of the industry. “Due to growing pressure from the industry, travel suppliers are increasingly differentiating their offerings – looking to retail and merchandise to travellers in new ways – to maximize their revenues. Sabre isn’t waiting for NDC adoption – we believe it is just one component of a wider shift in retailing and distribution in the travel industry, and we are this year developing exciting new technology that will help suppliers to tell their stories effectively through the indirect channel.” Iyer added.

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Kurban Travel inks agreement with Sabre to further reach

Kurban & Sabre

Kurban Travel, a leading travel agency in Lebanon, will use innovative technology from Sabre to create an intuitive and personalised experience for its travellers. The five-year agreement will enable Kurban Travel agents to access Sabre’s Global Distribution System (GDS) to shop, book and manage travel content from 400 airlines, 900,000 hotel options and 40 car rental brands. Kurban Travel agents will leverage the industry-leading content, data-driven insights and intuitive interface of the new Sabre Red Workspace – the next-generation travel agency desktop – allowing them to become true travel consultants. “We are proud to partner with Kurban Travel, which will join our distinguished customer base in the region. We are constantly evolving our technology to deliver the world’s most advanced travel platform, enabling us to offer agencies faster innovation and more flexible solutions infused with data-driven insights. We stand ready to help Kurban Travel achieve its mission to grow and optimise its business, while solving travel challenges,” said Raymond Vrijenhoek, Vice President, Sabre Travel Network Middle East.

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Rehlat partners with Sabre for online business growth

Rehlat and Sabre executives

Rehlat, an online travel agency, has renewed a long-term agreement with Sabre Corporation to continue using its technology to power its online platform, Rehlat.com. For the past two years, Rehlat has been using Sabre’s technology and travel management services to help increase its online conversion performance, grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction levels and personalise its services offered to customers. “We have witnessed strong double-digit growth since we launched in 2015,” said Bader Al Bader, President and Founder, Rehlat. “Sabre’s global expertise in online travel, impressive dedication and cutting-edge technology have enabled us to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace and tap into the growth of the online travel industry. We have also used Sabre’s APIs to roll out new capabilities in mobile to meet the growing expectations of our tech-savvy travellers.” “Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing in the region, and this is fuelled by personal technology that is faster and more accessible,” said Raymond Vrijenhoek, Vice President, Sabre Travel Network Middle East. “Online travel agencies have been quick to respond to this, using the latest web service and API technology to give travellers what they want – the right product at the right time and in the right context. Rehlat shares our passion and trust that technology can simplify the complexity of today’s travel.”  

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Sabre and Al Rajhi Aviation offer seamless travel experience

Alrajhi and Sabre at ATM 2017 (640x464)

Al Rajhi Aviation Company, a leading travel company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has signed an agreement with leading technology provider to global travel and tourism industry, Sabre Corporation, to expand its operation, deliver seamless travel experience and deploy their corporate travel strategy. Under this agreement, Al Rajhi Aviation gains access to Sabre’s broad portfolio of technology solutions, including its industry-leading Sabre Red Workspace agency solution; Sabre Red App Centre, the world’s first B2B online travel app marketplace, and the latest mobile, data analytics, personalisation and automation capabilities in addition to Sabre’s franchise solutions and the leading corporate travel solution- GetThere. Using these technology, Al Rajhi Aviation Company will be able to achieve their vision to delivering world class travel services to their customers. “The Saudi traveller is a high adopter of latest technology and expect an uncompromised level of service that is customized specially for him and can be accessed through the devices he uses,” said Daniel Naoumovitch, CEO, Sabre Travel Network Middle East. “Al Rajhi Aviation Company realizes the importance of deploying advanced technology to delivering personalized experience to the tech-savvy travelers and achieve travel excellence. We are proud to work with Al Rajhi Aviation Company to deploy new online, mobile, franchise and personalization solutions that will attain high level of satisfaction and customer’s loyalty. We are committed to support their expansion strategy and growth with latest technology and talented team to deliver products and solutions that meet their diverse customer needs and support their business goals.”

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