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Cozmo Travel opens 30th branch in the UAE

Cozmo Travel, a travel management company owned by Air Arabia Group, has inaugurated its 30th branch in the UAE. The sixth branch located in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) was inaugurated by Shalini Rajan, Head of Sales and Cargo, Air Arabia. According to Jamal Abdulnazar, CEO of Cozmo Travel, “The opening of our new and 6th branch in Ramla Mall, Dubai is yet another milestone in realising our vision of becoming the leading travel agency in the Middle East. The new office will serve as a strategic location in Dubai along with other major locations that we already operate from. More outlets will be opened in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi and we will expand our global service to Egypt, Jordan, and Oman in 2019”. Headquartered in Sharjah, Cozmo Travel offers customised travel solutions for independent and corporate travellers and has branches in easily accessible strategic locations across the seven emirates. The company presently offers services from 11 branches in Sharjah, three in Ajman, two in Fujairah, two in Ras Al Khaimah, three in Abu Dhabi, two in Al Ain, one in UAQ and six in Dubai. Since its launch in 2010, Cozmo Travel has been consistent in delivering excellent services and expanding its reach in the market. The customer-driven organisation with over 1,000+ highly experienced professionals has its global presence in nine countries namely in KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, India, China, Oman, Egypt and Jordan.

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Jamal Abdulnazar enters the Gallery of Legends

Jamal Abdulnazar, Chief Executive Officer, Cozmo Travel, has been conferred the Gallery of Legends trophy at the Arabian Travel Awards held in Dubai. Having moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start his career in tourism at the age of 21, Abdulnazar’s dedication and passion for the industry made sure that he never looked back. With a mission to cater to everyone with travel aspirations, he set up a travel agency in 2010 with a team size of five. Today, this pioneering agency has a staff strength of 900, turnover of 1.2 billion dollars and 100 branches across seven countries. His phenomenal achievements are attributed to his progressive vision and leadership.

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RwandAir and Cozmo Travel ink deal as offline partners

RwandAir has recently appointed Cozmo Travel as its Passenger General Sales Agent (GSA) for the GCC countries (Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (Offline). “These strategic partnerships play a very important role especially for airlines entering new markets and the practice is that airlines look competitively for established and well known GSA’s when entering particular markets which saves airlines associated costs for new market entry and, or development such as infrastructure, human resource etc while focusing on results. We are already established in the UAE, flying into and out of Dubai and we do cover the entire UAE market from a passenger and cargo sales perspective. This partnership is part of a growth strategy, though offline and it gives us an opportunity to assess the GCC markets for any other decisions in the future,” stated  Timothy Njihia, Country Manager—UAE | GCC | Pakistan, RwandAir.” Jamal Abdulnazar, CEO, Cozmo Travel stated, “With Cozmo Travel’s extensive retail presence in all the GCC countries, RwandAir will be able to capitalise on Cozmo’s  network in the region ensuring a wider market reach. Likewise Cozmo will be able to represent and sell the various RwandAir destinations within the African continent as well their expanding network into Asia and Europe. With a significant population of African nationals working and residing in the GCC region, the focus will be to capitalize on the large network of destinations within the African continent served by RwandAir.”

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