Sustainable festive celebrations at JA Hatta Fort Hotel

Green and sustainable festive celebrations at JA Hatta Fort Hotel (1)JA Hatta Fort Hotel celebrated the festive season in the greenest way to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. Around 275 recycled car tires have been used to build a unique Christmas tree. The tree was made up of recycled car parts, recycled timbers, LED fairy lights and a GI chain.
Deborah Thomson, General Manager, JA Hatta Fort Hotel, commented, “As we continue with our holiday celebrations and enjoy the festive period, it’s important that we remember the environment around us. Our ‘very green’ tree is a small reminder to keep recycling and contributing to sustainable initiatives. It’s a fun and different way to celebrate Christmas and we look forward to welcoming all our guests to JA Hatta Fort Hotel over this joyful period.”