Spain welcomes tourists again

The final in the tri-series webinar by the Spain tourism board was concluded successfully with participants from all over the United Arab Emirates and GCC. The session was conducted by Daniel Rosado Bayon – Director of the Spanish Tourism Office in Abu Dhabi where he provided a general update about the country, connectivity, weather, tourist arrivals to the destinations etc. The many things that you do need to know and must do if you travel to the destination. He also mentioned that they are getting ready to open for foreign tourists in July.

Rosado stated, “First of all about the location Spain is located in the south western part of Europe, surrounded by France in the northeast and Portugal in the west. East by the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean in the south. Many different climates throughout the country throughout the year and an ideal all year round travel destination. Summer is very popular as the weather is very mild, Canary island has good beach weather all year long. So there are many reasons to visit the Spanish landscape especially the climate and good weather, we have over 5000 kilometres of coastline, green Spain is the amazing north of Spain which we will talk about today.”

He further added, “We have more than 300 heritage sites, with lively street ambience, world class cities and historical towns, indoors and outdoors as part of the culture and many vibrant festivals that you can enjoy typical Spanish culture. Lasting places for tourists shopping with a choice of international brands and Spanish designers, VAT refund from Europe and long opening hours. For fun there are theme parks, sports, night life and adventure and others to relax, fine dining, gastronomy like Mediterranean lifestyle, tapas there are many to options to select and Spaniards will make a very comfortable stay. There is luxury accommodation all kinds of products as well.”