Shurooq focus on sustainable tourism

Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) sought to create an exclusive local experience, repurposing with robust, sustainable materials what remained of a stone structure originally constructed during the 1960’s; originally comprising of two stone buildings, one of which was a medical centre and the second a store near one of the oldest fueling stations in the Mleiha region, which served as a focal access point for commuters passing through from the neighbouring emirates.

Developed under the Sharjah Collection brand, and operated and managed by Mysk by Shaza, Shurooq reinforced its emphasis on site-responsive criteria to govern the design, architectural interventions and choice of materials in construction when re-imagining the existing structure. Sustainability, thus, emerged as an integral element in reimagining this decades-old structure, which Shurooq masterfully transformed into an elegant contemporary boutique luxury retreat.

Across the road is a café featuring locally sourced products. Use of glass water bottles, tree planting initiatives, and a host of recycling practices further elevates the environmental friendly policies in place at Al Faya Retreat. Perfectly blending history, culture, heritage, leisure and luxury, this oasis of relaxation is an ideal abode for those looking to escape the intensity of urban living or wishing to set off on rugged adventures in a desert setting.

The commitment to sustainability does not end with a tribute to the vernacular architecture of the region alone; instead, it is ingrained in the ethical practices that the hotel complies with in its daily operations. The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah embraces sustainable alternatives such as steel straws, glass bottles, biodegradable garbage bags, and metal room keys to eliminate the use of plastic. Its portable water filtration plant produces both still and sparkling drinking water. This eco-friendly guest service is also offered in all Sharjah Collection destinations. With The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, Shurooq upholds both the magnificence of Emirati hospitality and heritage without any compromises on its environmentally conscious journey.