Sharjah Hospitality Forum highlights new and innovative solutions to accelerate tourism

Sharjah Hospitality Forum 2020 (SHF 2020) discussed the best and fastest recovery path for the emirate’s tourism sector with the participants proposing innovative solutions to support the stakeholders of the tourism, hospitality and travel industries and sustain their gradual return to growth and normalcy.

HE Khald Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority said, “We see major tourism opportunities, but we need to adopt new mechanisms and innovative methods not only to seize available opportunities but also to efficiently address emerging challenges and sustain the industry’s attractiveness and competitiveness. “The world continues to bounce back from the pandemic’s impact. We are fully ready to implement successful solutions and creative projects to ensure tourism’s steady and fast recovery, with emphasis on several factors such as air traffic, travel regulations and visa procedures, country entry and exit traffic, and applicable safety protocols, among others. For our part, we have adopted a strategy that relies on three themes. The first one revolves around service development and safe domestic tourism promotion to encourage citizens and residents to rediscover Sharjah and the UAE. We have also introduced the Safety Stamp to ensure the compliance of the tourism and hospitality industries with the highest health practices, as well as the Safe Travel certificate for international safety, health and hygiene in travel and tourism. We have put in place other safety and protective measures and standards to provide integrated tourism experiences in a healthy and safe environment. As for the second theme, it focuses on targeting new markets after air traffic returns to normal and when the global markets fully open. The third theme includes the adoption of effective measures under the ‘new normal’ to ensure the recovery of the tourism community and bring the sector back to its pre-pandemic status.”