Saudi travellers desire digitally-savvy travel experience: Travelport

Saudi Arabian travellers are leading the global demand for high-tech travel according to the findings of Travelport’s 2019 Global Digital Traveller Research, which surveyed 23,000 people from 20 countries with the following findings; 74% of Saudi Arabian travellers require concierge services such as local maps and restaurants on their smartphones (60% globally); 71% prefer in-room technology such as smart TVs and Bluetooth speakers from accommodation (60% globally); Nearly 74% of Saudi travellers consider it important whether an airline offers a good digital experience when booking a flight; Like global peers, 76% of Saudi Arabian travellers prioritise value over cost (86% globally); Customer service was however highlighted as the top priority to travellers in Saudi Arabia (78%)

Technology, however, is not always the answer with two fifths (40%) of Saudi Arabian travellers saying they find, not being able to speak to a human frustrating. This is similar to the feedback from 42% of global respondents. Commenting on the findings of the research, David Gomes, Head of the Middle East and Africa, Air Travel Partners, said, “Saudi Arabian travellers want a digitally-savvy travel experience which is as engaging as the experience provided by best retailers. At Travelport, we will continue to accelerate developments in all these areas, to help the industry keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the modern traveller.”