Kuwait Airways signs rail service agreement with Flex flight operated Deutsche Bahn AG Germany

Kuwait Airways new rail service agreement with Flex flight operated by Deutsche Bahn will connect German cities such as Munich, Bremen, Munster, Hannover, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Stuttgart, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, and Nuremberg via Frankfurt, and rail routes: German Rail (QYG) via Frankfurt or Munich or Amsterdam. The company added that Kuwait Airways passengers could book rail services directly through the company’s website or electronic application or the various reservation channels of travel agents.

As part of Kuwait Airways’ efforts to develop and include new services for its esteemed customers, the company announces the signing of an agreement with Flex Flight (W2), which will enable the Blue Bird customers to book German Rail Services operated by Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) and number of cities that Kuwait Airways operates starting from June 2024.

In this regard Kuwait Airways stated, “As part of its relentless endeavours to provide exceptional and diverse services to its valued customers, Kuwait Airways is pleased to announce that it has signed this important agreement with Flex Flight to book on the German Rail Services operated Deutsche Bahn AG (DB). This agreement will enhance the tourism and commercial relations between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Germany.”

Kuwait Airways reaffirms its keenness to provide the best services to its valued passengers and to enhance their experiences to reach the highest-level of qualitative services provided to them.