Hatta Resorts and its Wadi Hub by Dubai Holding open for Season Six with all-new aerial adventure park and elevated glamping experiences

Hatta Resorts and its Wadi Hub by Dubai Holding are set to elevate the thrill factor during this season with the introduction of Aerial Adventure Park, a multiverse exhilarating attraction designed to be accessible to visitors of all ages and physical abilities. Opening its doors today, Season 6 promises a plethora of enticing stay options and an action-packed events calendar that will keep the excitement soaring all-season long. In addition to the impressive line-up of activities that Hatta Resorts and its Wadi Hub are known for, such as kayaking, hiking, ziplining, mountain biking and the iconic Hatta Drop-in water slide, the new Aerial Adventure Park boasts a High Ropes Course, Free Fall, Giant Swing, 45 Degree Zip, Bag Drop, Zip Line Belay and the heart-pounding Leap of Faith. Each of the park experiences lasts between 90 to 120 minutes, with the capacity to accommodate up to 75 visitors simultaneously.

For the younger adventurers, the Aerial Adventure Park also features a specially designed ground-level park tailored for children aged three to six. This children’s version offers an experience lasting between 30 to 45 minutes and can host up to 10 children at a time. To ensure a seamless and safe experience for all, comprehensive training, practical demonstrations and ample practice opportunities are provided for every attraction.

“As Hatta Resorts and its Wadi Hub by Dubai Holding cement its place as an exceptional gem in the vibrant tapestry of the emirate’s tourism offerings, our unwavering commitment to establishing Hatta as a multifaceted and sustainable tourism destination remains at the forefront,” said Roudi Soubra, Vice President – Asset Management at Dubai Holding Hospitality Assets.

“With the exciting launch of Season Six, Hatta Resorts stands ready today to unveil an array of thrilling adventures. This season’s event calendar is brimming with experiences that are sure to captivate and delight our guests throughout their visit,” Soubra added.

Discerning travellers can indulge in a truly unique overnight experience in the heart of the emirate’s grandest nature sanctuary with an array of accommodation options to cater to the desires of every explorer. Among the choices available, ‘Sedr Trailers at Hatta Resorts’ stands out as the region’s first trailer hotel; ‘Damani Lodges at Hatta Resorts’ offers a series of cosy and secluded lodges amidst the mountain ranges; the ‘Caravans at Hatta Resorts’ boasts bespoke caravans catering to families; and the ‘Domes at Hatta Resorts’ provide lavish glamping tents with panoramic views.

Those opting for classic camping in personal vehicles or tents, or day-trippers seeking action-packed adventures in Hatta also have an abundance of dining options to choose from. From quick bites at the on-site Wild Cafe to the inviting flavours of local food trucks like Sedr Bites, Taste of Hatta, and Damani Bites, every food spend will contribute directly to the vibrant community of local entrepreneurs thriving in Hatta.

The eco-tourism hub had a bustling 2022-2023 season, with over 250,000 visitors from around the globe experiencing the hospitality of Hatta Resorts and its Wadi Hub. Recently, Hatta achieved a remarkable milestone with the Hatta Sign, soaring to a towering height of 19.28 meters, earning itself the prestigious title of “Tallest Landmark Sign” in the Guinness World Records™. This iconic landmark, perched atop the Hajar Mountains, stands as a striking symbol of Hatta’s identity and its status as one of the UAE’s most scenic regions.


For UAE residents keen to make the most of the cooler temperatures and escape the city without boarding a flight, the awe-inspiring destination of Hatta beckons.