47 per cent of visitors from MENA region visit Thailand in the ‘green season’

Thailand green seasonAlmost half (47 per cent) of MENA nationals who visited Thailand during 2018 chose to travel during the green season. This season, also described as the ‘rainy season’, runs from June to October and is one of the most vibrant times of the year in Thailand, bringing with it picturesque tones of blues and greens. During the rainy season, the temperature ranges from 89º F (32º C) to 78º F (25º C).

Although the green season in Thailand brings with it unpredictable weather, there are still plenty of activities that travellers can do during the rainy season such as temple visits, exploring Thailand’s incredible food scene, museums, malls and famous markets. Travelling to Thailand during the green season also has the added bonus of being much cheaper than during high season, with flight fares costing less and many hotels and retreats offering discounts.

Alongside cultural and ecological excursions, visitors to Thailand can also spend time at hundreds of wellness retreats, which focus on physical and mental wellbeing. Specialised meditation and healing yoga sessions can all help to re-energise the mind as well as the body. For those looking for something more hard-core, Thailand’s famous Muay Thai retreats can help you get into shape fast in a fun, social and supportive environment.