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Vienna tourism ready to welcome luxury tourists from GCC for summer

Premium destination, Vienna is ready with its new luxury experiences for the travelers from the GCC as they announce some of their latest openings from the airport to hotels etc. Summer is the main time of the year where GCC travelers explore and spend their family vacation in the lap of luxury in cooler areas in Europe. “We are looking forward to welcoming visitors from the GCC region, so that they can experience the premium destination Vienna first-hand. Vienna has a host of surprises for the luxury-loving guest from the GCC region, who prefer the more tasteful things in life. And it wouldn’t be Vienna if the extravagance were not accompanied by a hint of the city’s typical charm.” Matthias Schwindl, Media Manager Middle East at the Vienna Tourist Board In Vienna luxury can take a highly traditional form. Although the Austro-Hungarian monarchy ceased to exist in 1918, the high quality standards set by the former purveyors to the imperial court continue to have their place in the modern era. Around 500 companies were granted the royal k. u. k. (kaiserlichen und königlichen) warrant, making them Hoflieferanten. With this honor came the right to supply the Imperial Court with goods and services. Whether they had the imperial seal or not, in Vienna these long-standing local companies and their artisanal traditions continue to shape the city’s unmistakable appearance and fuel unique shopping experiences in the twenty-first century. Since 29 March 2022 Vienna International Airport put Terminal 2 once again into operation, ensuring a new travel experience for passengers. The oldest airport terminal was completely modernized and expanded to encompass new features. Travelers can take advantage of a modern and very exclusive …

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