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Pulse Hotels & Resorts Maldives, hosts a Suhoor Football Tournament for GCC travel trade partners

Pulse Hotels & Resorts recently hosted an exhilarating late night Suhoor football tournament for its esteemed GCC travel trade partners. This unique event, held at the Al Rowad playground in Riyadh, sponsored by The Nautilus Maldives, Nova Maldives, Kandima Maldives and Manta Air – the domestic airline of Maldives, served as a platform for fostering camaraderie and strengthening relationships within the travel industry during the holy month of Ramadan. The matches, held amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Riyadh, showcased the spirit of sportsmanship and unity as participants from various GCC travel agencies competed in an action-packed tournament. Divided into two groups of four teams each, the tournament kicked off earlier this week with qualifiers, leading up to the semi-finals and finals. The event provided an opportunity for networking, friendly competition, and sharing moments of goodwill, reflecting the ethos of the 3 resorts under the Pulse Hotels & Resorts umbrella in creating memorable experiences for its partners and guests. The Nautilus Team 2 which included members from Al Sarh Travel and Tourism, Booking Express, TBO.com, Almatar, RezLive.com, Golden Vacation, Wosol Concierge and Lamar Travel emerged as winners and were awarded with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the game-changing active lifestyle resort, Kandima Maldives, known for its genuine hospitality with a human touch and innovative solutions that make use of the latest technology. Sharing his thoughts on organising the event, Mr Althaf Mohamed Ali, COO, Pulse Hotels & Resorts, said,” We are thrilled to have organised this special Suhoor football tournament for our esteemed GCC Travel Trade Partners. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each partner for their participation and offer heartfelt congratulations to The Nautilus Team 2 for clinching …

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Pulse Hotels & Resorts: GCC traveller trends to the Maldives in 2023, predictions for 2024

Pulse Hotels & Resorts has observed growing trends with GCC travellers in 2023, opting for extended stays at their Maldives resorts – Kandima Maldives, Nova Maldives and The Nautilus Maldives. This trend aligns with the principles of ‘slow travel’, allowing guests to indulge in a longer trip while experiencing a profound connection with the destination. It is anticipated to continue growing in 2024. A global surge in solo travel has also found a particularly strong footing with GCC-based travellers, with the Pulse Hotels & Resorts team witnessing a surge in popularity in 2023. Industry experts predict this trend will continue to dominate the travel landscape, with solo travellers seeking more immersive and authentic experiences in 2024. With an aim to align its latest resort developments to global travel trends, Pulse Hotels & Resorts launched Nova Maldives in 2022 with a modern take on all-inclusive with a vibrant ‘community’ concept, tailored to Millennials and solo travellers. Meanwhile it’s ‘time stands still – anytime, anywhere’ approach to experiences and unscripted dining at ultra-luxury private island resort The Nautilus, and the massive range of activities on offer at mega-resort Kandima, lend themselves to slow travel – with more to explore, at a traveller’s pace. Althaf Mohamed Ali, COO, Pulse Hotels & Resorts, commented: “One of the best things about slow travel is that it allows a guest to have time for all sorts of experiences, that make them feel a part of a destination. As an example of how we are adapting to this trend, we make sure that when a guest arrives at Nova, the new star among resorts in the Maldives, they are introduced to Holhuashi, a local tradition, and get …

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