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HBX Group announces its Sustainability Report, highlighting key strategies through 2026

HBX Group presented its Sustainability Report, including the initiatives developed to date and the key elements of its ESG strategy for the next three years, focusing on the positive impact potential of the tourism industry. HBX Group, with over 3,700 employees and present in more than 170 countries, has established a plan with over 75 actions linked to fulfilling various ESG commitments. To achieve this, HBX Group conducted a double materiality analysis, where consultation with its stakeholders was crucial in aligning the plan with their expectations. The company has also established a new framework for work and result reporting that considers multiple current regulations and certifications. In this context, HBX Group has recently joined the United Nations Global Compact, which sets out the 10 principles guiding companies to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies. HBX Group has also initiated a three-year plan to align its reporting with the new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which analyses the impact of the company and its entire value chain. This has been based on the identification of over 4,000 key performance indicators, enabling the implementation of concrete and tangible changes in environmental protection. Collaboration in the tourism Industry As an example of our objective to work collaboratively with partners and clients to achieve a greater positive impact, HBX Group has implemented a Sustainable Hotels Programme. This programme aims to highlight the most environmentally, socially, and community-respectful actors. It already includes over 40,000 properties with official sustainability certifications. Thanks to awareness- raising actions carried out in collaboration with multiple partners, the number of hotels with a no- single-use plastics policy has increased from 500 to 5,000 in just one year. Elena Pérez, Chief …

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Dubai is among the highest demand cities globally : MarketHub Europe

Dubai is among the highest demand cities globally joining London, Paris, New York and Barcelona, according to the latest insights shared by MarketHub Europe, by HBX Group. Among the travel trends from Middle East: the relevance of last-minute bookings. Markets such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and France continue to be key outbound markets for tourism to the region. Last-minute bookings are crucial in this market, where they account for more than 40% of the total. The average stay is around 3 nights, and Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mecca are among the most popular destinations. Among the top ten favourites, Doha shows up as one of the fastest growing options. Türkiye. Regaining its position as an issuing country. Antalya and Istanbul are the most popular destinations in Türkiye. According to data from HBX Group, in addition to domestic tourism, the main source market for Türkiye is the Middle East and, from Europe, Germany is particularly strong. Bookings made by travellers from Türkiye have grown by more than 50% compared to 2019 and already exceed the bookings recorded last year. Among the most popular choices are domestic destinations, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France in Europe, as well as the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. Carlos Muñoz, Chief Commercial Officer of HBX Group, highlighted the increasingly important role of Gen Z and their consumer habits in defining travel trends: “With a clear focus on last-minute bookings and a preference for package tours, Generation Z is already reshaping the way the industry operates. In addition, their high awareness of sustainability clearly shapes their travel choices.” HBX Group has registered a 25% increase in searches on its platforms, now totalling …

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HBX Group and PerfectStay join forces to offer roll out B2B2C travel packages globally

HBX Group announced a strategic partnership with PerfectStay. This collaboration aims to create a new global leader in B2B2C package travel solutions. This partnership marks a significant milestone in HBX Group’s journey towards innovation. Some of the brands currently working with HBX Group and PerfectStay include Air France, Emirates, Transavia, and American Express. Kenya Airways is the latest addition to this client portfolio, highlighting the growing influence and reach of both companies. Since 2023, HBX Group has been collaborating with PerfectStay to offer innovative packaging solutions for airlines, hotels, and banks in EMEA. With the successful commercialisation phase, HBX Group is now accelerating the global rollout of HBX Group & PerfectStay curated travel experiences to a wider selection of clients, enabling them to offer unique and monetisable travel experiences directly to their customers. PerfectStay is recognised for its exceptional ability in curating unique travel experiences, providing comprehensive travel inventories that include hotels, transfers, car rentals, excursions, flights and activities. With great technological capabilities and advanced dynamic packaging, PerfectStay offers clients bespoke travel solutions. The partnership will also enhance customer loyalty programmes and consumer platforms. Leveraging advanced technology and data, HBX Group and PerfectStay will boost revenue and improve user experience. Both companies’ digital marketing expertise will drive traffic and increase conversion rates, ensuring a seamless and rewarding travel experience for customers. PerfectStay’s technology, combined with HBX Group’s global presence and local touch, will ensure the best deals negotiated by destination experts. Nicolas Huss, CEO of HBX Group, says: “According to sector research, there is growing demand for both personalised and organised travel experiences, which is why HBX Group saw in PerfectStay the best partner possible. We are excited to bring …

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