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Riyadh Air and Artefact sign strategic partnership to innovate AI Solutions for the Aviation industry

Riyadh Air and Artefact signed a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionising the aviation industry through AI applications. Utilising cutting edge cloud and AI technologies, the partnership will focus on building Riyadh Air’s data analytics platform and developing AI solutions across its main business and corporate functions. Through these AI solutions, Riyadh Air will be able to hyper-personalise its guest experience and elevate its guest service through intelligent channels, optimise its flight and ground operations through real-time data insights and predictions, and launch fit-for-purpose offerings of Air and non-Air products through highly efficient and targeted sales channels. Abe Dev, Vice President Digital & Innovation at Riyadh Air, added, “Our partnership with Artefact signifies Riyadh Air’s dedication to leveraging cutting edge technologies to enhance guest experiences at every stage and every moment of their journey. This partnership with Artefact builds upon our recent collaborations with leaders in the aviation industry. Through AI integration, we aim to redefine travel standards, offering personalised, seamless digital-first experience to our guests ahead of our maiden flight in 2025.” Commenting on the partnership, Rahul Arya, CEO and Managing Partner of Artefact MENA, said: “Our partnership with Riyadh Air marks a significant milestone in our commitment to pioneering AI solutions tailored to the unique needs of the aviation industry. By combining Riyadh Air’s forward-thinking approach with Artefact’s expertise in data and AI solutions, we’re poised to set new standards for innovation in the airline sector.” Riyadh Air, set to make its maiden flight in 2025, is poised to revolutionise the future of air travel and exceed guests’ expectations of their travel experience. With an unwavering dedication to cutting-edge thinking and innovation, Riyadh Air aims to set new standards …

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Tourism Malaysia demonstrates data-driven success at ForwardKeys event

Tourism Malaysia showcased its remarkable achievements in leveraging data to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and redefine the tourism landscape at the ForwardKeys event during the World Travel Market 2023. Speaking at the event, Mr. Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof, Senior Director of AERO at Tourism Malaysia, emphasised the pivotal role of data in charting the course for Malaysia’s tourism revival. “Data has been our guiding light during these challenging times,” he said. “It has been instrumental in not only assessing the readiness for the reopening of tourism but also in shaping our marketing strategies in response to evolving traveller preferences.” Key Messages: Pandemic Recovery through Data: Mr. Yusof highlighted how data-driven insights were crucial in determining the readiness to reopen tourism activities after the Movement Control Order (MCO). Surveys involving the domestic population provided valuable information that shaped guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The surveys revealed a high demand for domestic travel, leading to the staged reopening of tourism activities. For international markets, surveys with overseas tourism stakeholders informed the establishment of travel bubbles and the eventual reopening of international borders on April 1, 2022.   Data-Driven Marketing: The data collected during the pandemic became the cornerstone of Tourism Malaysia’s marketing efforts. It played a pivotal role in developing new marketing narratives for both domestic and international markets. This data was also instrumental in redefining services and product offerings within the tourism sector.   Identifying New Markets: Mr. Yusof underscored the importance of data partnerships with various government agencies and organisations, such as the Department of Statistics, Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM), Immigration, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economics (KE), academic institutions, and international bodies. This collaboration …

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