WTTC and Sustainable Hospitality Alliance unveils stamp for hotels to verify sustainable practices

It was announced on the sidelines of COP 28 that WTTC and Sustainable Hospitality Alliance will launch ‘Hotel Sustainability Basics’ which is a verification (or stamp) for hotels and lodging accommodation to meet 9 out of 12 criteria which includes water, energy and treatment of employees to name a few in order to obtain this certification. This is aimed mainly at small and medium hotels as the bigger names already have their own schemes. Julia Simpson, President and CEO WTTC shared, ‘ I’m proud to say that with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance we have launched ‘Hotel Sustainability Basics stamp’. It is a verification that a hotel or a lodging accommodation that is used by tourists has met a certain standard and the reason we’re doing that is some of the big companies like Hilton’s and Intercontinental, the Marriotts have their very sophisticated sustainability schemes that look at water as well as other energy uses, but 80% of our sector we think are small and medium hotels. They don’t necessarily have access to the know-how or the resources. Some are very advanced but not all of them do so, hence, we wanted to create something created by the industry, for the industry so we reached out to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and created a stamp called the basics and part of that is a hotel will have to meet nine out of 12 criteria in different categories. One of them is water the other is energy use another is how they work with their suppliers and their communities and another really important part is how they treat their employees so it’s a really useful tool but it’s only a stepping stone and we want people to get that stamp stay in that scheme, work on that scheme for two years and then move on to some of the more sophisticated schemes that are out there.