Wellness tourism to grow 7.5% by 2022

TravTalk digital conclave 2021 concluded with 6 experts sharing their valuable insights on some of the key areas faced by the industry. Health and wellness tourism is an integral part of the Middle East the second session focused on finding happiness through wellness tourism. Linda Abdulla – CEO and Founder – Oryx Healthcare Consultancy shared that the pandemic was a wake-up call to world normalcy which overturned every single part of the world making them take precautions and locking down nations in a bid to protect each of their citizens from the sufferings as much as possible. She opined that never before has health and well-being changed so rapidly with so many sufferings, anxiety, and despair, yet people were resilient especially in the Middle East region.

“We all believe that covid 19 was a wake-up call to the world, so one moment people were going about their normal lives, jobs, school activities and in a matter of weeks, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives, millions were infected and half the world’s population were on some sort of a lockdown, never before has health and wellbeing declined so rapidly and so simultaneously for so many people around the world. There was so much suffering going on for many from millionaires, isolation, heartbreak some had got anxiety, anger, and despair but our resilience as individuals and our society is very vital for survival and we all realize it all starts from our health and well being so healthy minds, healthy habits, even strong family ties carrying some trends it all strengthens our fortitude to cope with this pandemic and its repercussions and wellness is becoming the language in years before it was used as a more lucrative term for maybe a very limited group of elite but now we are moving away from that and it is becoming more of day today language that a lot of people are talking about. If you look at healthcare it had to have its own life organizational wellness that they had to develop so a lot of changes happened within a very short span of time hospitals had to adjust capacity, redesign care, financial losses and even redeploy staff, it had a very strong impact on the global healthcare scene. We saw a lot of responses from countries from the implementation of response teams, implementation of precaution protocols, creation of short-term strategies to mitigate the effect that it was pulled down on a fast pace that sometimes it was a bit too shocking to the system. If we look at data today and what we are trying to bring to the market today as Oryx healthcare consultancies, we are trying to help our customers and our clients to redesign their thinking and bring about wellness in every avenue in what they are doing so wellness is not anymore just a little programme that people would incorporate within a spa, a hotel or resort but its an overall holistic thinking that has emerged with the necessity of covid 19 and we can see that according to data like the global wellness institute has said that the wellness will be growing in the globe at an annual average rate of 7.5% by 2022 which is quite higher than the projected rate of 6.4% which is the result for global tourism. There will be a change they are going back to normalcy and will take a new turf as taking today so people will look for their vacations, they will not be just looking to go to lie down on a beach they need to look for more things to do with their mental well being and health and wellness whether it for them as individuals or as families. By mid 2021 and 2022 there will be more people seeking wellness travel in their travel plans. ”