Last day to meet 28 Irish partners virtually, roadshow starts at 2pm

The first day of the maiden Tourism Ireland virtual roadshow concluded with over 250 buyers and 300 meetings across the Middle East with 28 partners from the island of Ireland. Niall Gibbons – Chief Executive – Tourism Ireland welcomed everyone to the event,I’m delighted to welcome many friends and partners from all across the Middle East region and the island of Ireland to this our first virtual event, Ireland meets the Middle East 2021. Now as we all know the global travel and tourism landscape has been decimated by covid, but I’m confident that we will see a return, that’s why it’s so important to maintain and develop the relationships that we have seen blossom in the last decade with all our friends and partners in the Middle East, so I wish you well today and thank you for all your support. We have a great industry here at home, great connectivity to airlines like Emirates and Etihad, and we have our national day on 17th March and it has been terrific to see the support growth in the region by buildings lighting up green for our national day, also the UAE national colour too. So thanks again for your support, look forward to seeing you all in the real world very soon. I’ve enjoyed my many visits to the Middle East over the last 10 years and I look forward to seeing you again. Stay safe and well and thanks again for your support and good luck for today.”