Mangaluru-Sharjah on Jet Airways

jet airwaysJet Airways has announced that it will launch a new daily route from Mangaluru (Mangalore) in southern India to Sharjah in the UAE from August 7, 2016. Mangaluru is the main port city of Karnataka, India’s 12th largest state by population.

Jet Airways is India’s second largest airline operating flights to 73 destinations, including 22 international flights and 51 domestic flights. Beginning in August, the Indian carrier will fly daily from Mangaluru at 9.30 am, arriving in Sharjah International Airport at 11.45am local time. Return flights will leave Sharjah at 12.45 pm and reach Mangaluru at 5.55pm. Jet already operates daily direct flights from Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala to Sharjah.