Adapt wellness to local situations

Laszlo Puczko, CEO & Co-founder, Health Tourism Worldwide stated that the importance today is the adaptation according to local availability. He further said, “at the moment it is not necessarily how wellness is or what it may mean but more like how to adapt it to local situations and regional differences. When you talk about wellness or wellbeing you need to look at what is available locally, who we are talking to, and how we can adapt it not saying that this is a global thing so therefore it has to be applied to every single occasion. Also, it does suggest that we have more options because every destination, every region, every country, even property can have its very own response to the main challenge and that is a good thing, especially from a leisure perspective. Another important thing is the availability of options so far wellness is very much linked to GCC that’s very much a high-end understanding of what the product is typically not exclusively but given the global pandemic we need to think of alternatives to very different segments and provide available solutions to less affluent markets and that certainly is a challenge how to do that across societies, populations and cultures we need to be able to provide alternatives, less in thinking and wellness service so far as you have those foundations that can help us. For me the next year or so it’s very much how we look at local situations and come up with competitive valuable and affordable solutions not excluding the high-end market but more like thinking about the market as such and coming up with solutions at different levels and in a different style and content.”