Implement wellness across all sectors

Kathryn Moore, Founder and MD Spa Connectors, Global shares her ideas about the present and the many missed opportunities that could have benefited a lot more and still not late to implement is the correct understanding of the importance of creating a wellness package. “If I’m to talk about from an operational perspective we certainly need to look at how to implement wellness across all sectors, its’ not just an offering for people with money and I’m seeing so many opportunities in the GCC market, as I’m based in Dubai at the moment. We are seeing opportunities in hotels, in stand-alone wellness facilities, able to take on retreats even individual day packages, or what have you, there are so many opportunities that we encounter as wellness services. So whilst knowing what is required in the industry executing it and having the funds or the people on the ground understanding what to do is the biggest challenge that we saw hotels open up here in Dubai mid last year and it took probably 4 or 5 months for any hotel to start offering a wellness staycation every weekend people would do staycations in Dubai because they couldn’t travel anywhere but no hotel got around to creating a package for wellness to me, there is a lot of expertise here on the ground that could have been utilized for me its yes we know that wellness is so important to the longevity of health but how are we able to implement is because we don’t have the understanding at the ground level.”