Dubai Maritime City Authority promotes luxury yachting at International Superyacht Summit 2019

Maritime Authority imageThe Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has joined in a wide range of discussions to support global efforts promoting the luxury yacht sector during its participation at International Superyacht Summit 2019. Themed on ‘Sailing for the Better’, the talks were attended by a host of decision makers, regional and international experts, industry leaders and maritime pioneers who provided in-depth insights on the emerging challenges and promising local, regional and international opportunities of the luxury yacht industry. DMCA officials also reviewed the competitive essential components of Dubai – an influential force in shaping the future of the global yacht sector.
Hamed Hassan, Director – Registration and Licensing, DMCA, highlighted the rapid developments in the luxury yacht sector as a key component in driving the maritime sector in Dubai; pointing out that the significant growth of the local maritime cluster has enhanced Dubai’s leadership position as one of the world’s five most competitive and attractive maritime clusters based on pillars of innovation, excellence and technology. He noted that Dubai has always been an attractive destination for luxury yacht owners from around the world, and that sustained national efforts and unlimited support from the leadership has led to the development of legislation and infrastructure that upholds the city’s strong position on the global maritime map as one of the world’s best maritime capitals. Hassan also reviewed the progress made in upgrading the components’ competitiveness of the local maritime sector, which currently enjoys high international confidence as a safe and attractive environment for maritime investments related to maritime leisure, under the proactive initiatives of the DMCA.
Hassan said, “Our success comes as a result of our ongoing focus on the modernization of maritime and technical infrastructure, developing integrated policies and regulatory frameworks, stimulating innovation, driving sustainability, optimising investment in human elements, achieving maritime safety and upgrading logistical capabilities to match the best in the world. The smart transformation forms a key pillar to our ongoing agenda to create a maritime environment attractive to industry pioneers. Employing modern technology and techniques through innovative initiatives will ensure that maritime sector pioneers embrace the world-class maritime services in Dubai.”