Discovering the hidden gems of Northern Germany

Kicking off the first webinar for the year conducted by the German National Tourist Office for GCC countries Yamina Sofo, Director Sales and Marketing GNTO for GCC shared the latest update about travelling to Germany for Gulf countries. If you are fully vaccinated with the European Union approved vaccinations and also have the new booster shot, it is very easy to get about Germany and to visit restaurants and other areas. Sofo then shared  about the latest tourism campaigns for the year starting off with the continuation of the German local culture campaign which started in 2021 and mentioned that it way continue through this year. The next campaign is the Feel good and embrace German nature which is another interesting way to discover the various escapes in the destination.

Birte Kristin Zielasko Mecklenburg-Vorpommerm Tourist Board shared her presentation with the 10 important reasons to visit the destination. With 2000 km of Baltic sea with coastlines and bays, world famous chalk cliffs and the white sandy beaches will be the first reason to visit the destination. Having 30% of protected nature as UNESCO nature heritage would be the second reason. This entails some amazing discoveries such as the dance of the cranes which enables you to capture over 50,000 photo opportunities and be one with nature. Third most important reason is that there are 2000 glistening lakes in this federal state that you can enjoy. There are various sailing areas where you can rent a sailing boat especially the traditional ones are quite famous to truly immerse yourself in a different experience. Fourth reason to visit is the famous Baltic sea cycle route or as you say out and about in nature. There are many unique hiking areas with natural landscapes. For golfing enthusiasts there are 17 golf courses to experience. Zielasko shared that the best time to visit is during spring and summer but it is an all year round destination which offer many activities that attract the GCC market. Healthy holidays where you can reviatlise body and soul is the fifth reason, with number six about the art and culture of the destination where you can enjoy the inspiration throughout the centuries. The last three reasons are the architectural gems, culinary delights, unique stays and it been an all year round destination for travel.