CharterClick to provide service outside UAE from Q2

logo charter clickCharterClick, an online booking service for renting a yacht or boat, has announced that its boats outside of the UAE are going to be available from Q2, 2017. The website works in real time and eliminates any need to make additional phone calls or write follow up emails as the booking can be done start to finish from the convenience of a laptop or mobile phone. The service started with only four boats in their fleet and a single partnership agreement with a charter provider, but now has 34 boats available on its Dubaian website, along with more than 10 charter companies, who have signed an agreement to be represented on “Because of our mantra (Convenience through simplicity), we had to make sure from the very beginning, that everything both our clients and partners deal with is very easy to execute, and simple to understand,” said Michael Siyatskyy, Head of Content Curation, CharterClick.