Bin Moosa Travels partners with Travelport’s mobile app for TMCs and travel agencies

Guy Bell, 07771 786236, guy@gbphotos.comTravelport has announced the signing of an agreement with United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Bin Moosa Travels to deploy Trip Assist, its advanced mobile application for travel management companies and travel agencies. Travelport has now secured more than 45 Trip Assist customers across the world. Bin Moosa Travels will benefit from a fully branded mobile engagement solution that allows it to support, engage and connect with travellers at every stage of their journey. Incorporating smart itinerary management capabilities and the ability to create agency defined messages and rich push notifications; the solution will empower the agency to build stronger relationships with its customers.
Trip Assist will support Bin Moosa Travels’ customers by allowing them to share and organize their complex travel plans on the go and from one place. It will also give them greater autonomy to self-serve with features that enable airline check-in, the ability to import external bookings and ‘click to call’ support. By giving travelers more control, the solution will also provide the agent with more time to spend on more specialist travel enquiries.
Mary Thomas, Managing Director of Bin Moosa Travels, said: “People in the UAE are extremely digitally savvy and fully expect support to be delivered 24/7 throughout their travel journey, across multiple physical and digital channels. By using Trip Assist, we will be able to deliver a new standard of digital service to our customers, while freeing up our consultants to spend more time providing expert advice.”
Kathryn Wallington, Travelport’s Country Manager for the UAE, said: “With Cozmo Travel already signed up, we now have two Trip Assist customers in the Emirates. With demand from travelers for best-in-class mobile travel solutions escalating in the UAE, as well as other countries across the Middle East, we expect more to follow in the near future. Interest is certainly peaking right now. We look forward to working in partnership with Bin Moosa Travels to deliver its application to its customers and, in doing so, enhancing the way it supports travelers throughout their journey.”