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Ajman Tourism reveals hotel establishments’ precautionary guidelines during COVID-19

Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) has revealed hotel establishments’ precautionary guidelines as part of its continuous efforts to combat COVID-19 and ensure highest safety measures to protect guests, visitors and hospitality workers in Ajman. Renowned for its heritage sites, captivating natural reserves and rich culture, Ajman is preparing to reopen key tourist destinations in the upcoming months. Comprising of 13 pages, the guidelines restrict occupancy with no more than 30 per cent of the capacity of other facilities in the hotel including restaurants, bars and cafes. Starting with mandatory temperature checkups for every person enters the hotel, hotels are to allocate different doors for entry and exit, place visible floor marks for social distancing with a minimum of 2 metres between visitors on queue areas such as reception & concierge, and station hand sanitisers & disinfectants at the entrance and other open facilities. In addition to that, protection equipment such as masks and gloves need to be available in enough quantity for guests and employees. All hotels must allocate isolation rooms at all times that need to be disinfected after every use and have to disinfect and sanitise the premises on a weekly schedule to be shared with ATDD supervisors. Upon announcing ATDD precautionary measures for hotel establishments, HE Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, Director General, ATDD said, “We are keen to maintain the highest health and safety measures to protect guests and visitors of Ajman. We are working closely with our partners in the hospitality and health sectors to overcome any difficulties during these challenging times, and will continue to promote Ajman as a leading tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates.”

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Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry is the new GM of ATDD

Ferghal Purcell, COO, Hospitality Management Holding (HMH), welcomed Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, the new General Manager of Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD), at Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel. During his visit,  Geziry met the various team members as well as saw the fabulous facilities at the hotel. Congratulating Saleh Al Geziry on his new role, Purcell said, “It is an enormous privilege to welcome Mr. Saleh Al Geziry at Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel. Over the years we have enjoyed working closely with Ajman Tourism Development Department and are eager to continue our collaboration. In keeping with the vision of the authorities, Mr. Saleh Al Geziry has got exciting plans for promoting Ajman that will further accelerate the demand for this superb destination.  We are thrilled to be part of it and delighted to extend our full support.”

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