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Salalah Airport fully recovers from the effects of the “Covid-19” crisis and achieves rapid growth in the number of passengers and flights

In terms of passenger traffic during this year’s fall season, the airport recorded an increase in the number of passengers by more than 34 percent over the number of passengers for the same period in last year’s fall season. In July 2023 AD, the number of passengers exceeded 186 thousand passengers, compared to 138 thousand passengers in July of last year 2022 AD, and the number of passengers in August 2023 AD this year exceeded the barrier of 285 thousand passengers, while the number of passengers in August 2022 AD reached 212 thousand passengers. While not… The number of passengers before the pandemic exceeded 154,000 in July 2019, and the number also did not exceed 200,000 in August of the same year. Salalah Airport succeeded in restoring its growth numbers to before the “Covid-19” pandemic, exceeding the numbers it achieved in 2019 and thus recording a full recovery from the repercussions of the pandemic that affected air traffic internationally. The airport also recorded an increase in air traffic during the fall season of this year, amounting to 29 percent in air traffic numbers and 434.% in the number of passengers during the fall season of this year 2023 until August 15, 2023 AD, compared to the same period in 2022 AD. Air traffic at Salalah Airport witnessed an increase during the months of July and August of the current year 2023 AD, exceeding the numbers achieved last year and 2019 AD. Air traffic grew during last July 2023 AD to reach 1,424 flights, compared to 1,125 flights in July 2022 AD. In August this year, 1,744 flights were recorded, compared to 1,330 flights in August 2022, while air traffic before …

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