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Break out of the ‘bored-room’ and get creative with IHG’s Unique Meetings

When it comes to modern meetings, the rulebook has been thrown out the window and delegates have changing expectations. Boardrooms can often be stifling environments, filled with a range of emotions, from boredom to tension and frustration, leaving the question, how can we break out of the ‘bored-room’ and get the most of our meetings? The answer is IHG’s Unique Meetings, a portfolio of one-of-a-kind event spaces and experiences designed specifically for those looking for non-traditional meetings that are conducive to productivity, creativity and collaboration. Unique Meetings offer more than just four walls and were introduced to cater to the changing expectations of event attendees, who are looking for memorable experiences and stand-out venues. Whether it’s a tropical beach or a Bedouin tent, IHG provides alternative settings for business gatherings and has a team of event planners to assist with organising meetings and conferences that take advantage of the surroundings and leave guests with a long-lasting impression.

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